Traditional Tamil Baby Names

Most Tamilian families have a ancestral deity. Often the name or the variants of this God or Goddess are named for each offspring. But there are also many names which have not been explored.

Globally with more NRI’s finding their need to maintain the roots, it is seen that parents are naming their children with proper meaningful Indian names. Arumugan is now replaced as Karthik who is the son of Lord Shiva.

In the original times in Tamilian culture had names from the scriptures, mythology and Shlokas. All or most of them were names of Gods and Goddesses. Virtues are rarely named but a Lata, Rama or Shoba again is very common household names.

Moving to cosmopolitan and metro set ups also makes people aware of Indian names that are sweet sounding and hold a lot of meanings. Books and awareness is easy about Sanskrit names and people find it easy to connect with the same.

Tamil is also spoken in Singapore, Malaysia, and Srilanka. Hence it is common to have an Anbu, Anagha, Sivan there too. Natarajan or a Narayanan is the commonest Tamil name and the ending with’an’ is almost necessary. Neelakantan, Skandan, Sivan, Sharvanan are also proof enough.

Parthasarathy or Saraswathy is made more emphatic owing to the spelling. Ashwathy or Aishwarya is again traditional and very old names in Tamil. Usha or a Hema is a commonality though their traditional names can be Akhileshwari or Kamakshi.

Goddess names are very bold in their pronunciations. They go as variants of Goddess Parvathy being a Kamakshi, Meenakshi, Skanda Lakshmi, Dhanalakshmi, Vishalakshi. Ambika, Amba, Ambalika, Ramya, Rukmini and Radha are traditional names.

There are names like Soumya, Preetha, Prabha, Pushpa, Mala, Malini and Raji that are known as typically Tamilian.

Naming after the great actress of Tollywood in the sixties is also exciting, Padmini, Ragini, Vayjanthi is very popular during that era. Hema, Jaya, Sridevi, Bhanupriya, Rekha also became a rage owing to the success of popular films.

Jyotiheesh or Satheesh is peculiar to its spelling. Sabhareesh or Ratheesh is just like that. Traditional names like Subramanian, Ayyappa or Siva Rama Krishnan is still a common practice.

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