Tamil Baby Girl Names

In the past it was always necessary to mention the name of Ammal or Goddess in a girls name. There are simple names like Parvathy, Akhileshwari, Laxmi, Rajalaxmi, Radha or Sita. The names ending with ‘akshi’ are very typical of south.

Akshi usually means eyes and Meenakshi means eyes like a fish, Vishalakshi means eyes that are big, Kamakshi means eyes that are lovely. The pet names would naturally be Meena, Visha and Kamy respectively.

Uthami is truthful, Idhaya is heart, Devi or Devika means Goddess, Chelvi is loved, Chellam is darling and Anbu is love. Bhagirathi or Bhanupriya is still common in the south. Kamala or Rama is a household essential.

There are names like Hasta, Ramani, Nila and Prabha which is famous in the Tamil families. Isanila means music and moon and Rati is the consort of the love God Kama deva.

Ilavarasi is princess and Iniya is sweet. Rangini and Ragini are quite Tamil. Avani, Marghai are holy months, Anisha or Ashwathy are stars in the constellation. Mangai means a nice lady. Elli is beautiful, Elisai is the 7 musical notes. Names beginning with ‘J’ include jaya, Jayam, Jayanthi, Jyothi, Jaya prada, Jayeshi, Janaki and Jaywanti. Nanmuthu or Nath chelvi stand for pearl and dear respectively.

Narayani, Kavyani, Saraswathy, Padma Laxmi, Shriya and Sri devi are Tamilian names. Nangai and Nanmoli are also unique. Amba, Ambika and Ambalika are variants of Mother Durga. Vaagai is a flower, Mallika is jasmine and Roja is the rose. Vennilla and Ven pirai means the moon. Rambha, Urvashi, Tilottma were apsaras in the court of Indra. Chitra is a month, Tamarai means lotus, Thangam means gold, Thaiyal is a lady.

Srikala and Priya are very much Tamilian names. Ansha or Anya are modern trends. There are names like Rasika, Latika, Renuka and Radhika. Sudha or Sujata again happen to be common with Nitya or Asha Lata. There are names that are Thulasi and Nakshatra which are modern yet retain the tradition down south. There are names like Mekhala, Saanika, Veena which resemble musical instruments.

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