Tamil Baby Boy Names

India is a land of traditions and ceremonies. The birth of a child is already welcomed earlier when the child lies nestled in the womb of the mother. In Tamilians this is called the Seemantham generally conducted after the 7th month of pregnancy. The lady is adorned and honored with traditional aarti and an array of food items are arranged to felicitate her. It is her day and a special one for the father to be as it would bring in added responsibilities and love in their life.

Baby boy names in Tamil can still be like Arumugan or Murugesan though many also prefer Karthik. All of them mean the revered Tamil God Murugan who is very popular down south. Ganesh or Vinayak is again a popular name. The naming ceremony or peru iddal is quite a ceremony where the kid is the centre of attraction.

Grandparents and relatives dote on the child and the kid is generally gifted with cash or gold bestowing auspicious blessings. The day ends with doing a final aarti to ward off the evil eye.

Alagi is beautiful, Alli is a flower, Amudha moli is a sweet talker. Aalap is new and stands for music. Advait and Agasthya are also recent names. Alagesan and Murugesan are easy to pronounce. Alagar is Lord Shiva and Alagappan is handsome.

Rathinam is a jewl, Arjun is the warrior and Rajnikanth requires no explanation. Rathinvel or Velu is still a great choice. Paridhi is brilliant, Pallavan is a king and Perumudi is a great ruler.

Sadaiyan is Lord Shiva, Sekilar and Srijit is common. Selva mani and Selva kumar always are common choices. Sendhil is Lord Murugan and Balaji is Lord Venkateshwara. Tamarai Kannan is Lotus God or Krishna. Tamil magan or Tamil Koothan only go to authenticate the native of the person. Thanga Balan or Thanga Durai adds endearment. Linga mani, Linga moorthy, Lingappan and Lingaswamy is all related to the Lord Shiva.

Lord Vishnu names are Jagadish, Akhilesh, Achyut, Jayant, Loknath, Saurish and Sripad. Shiva devotees would prefer Bhargav, Chandish, Girik, Girindra, Ishan, Kamil. Names ending with ‘esh’ are also common like Sabaressh, Mahesh, Rajesh, Suresh, Shailesh, Prateesh, Jagadeesh, Jyotheesh, Venkatesh, Rasesh and Ratheesh. The typical spelling is also noted for Tamil names.

Home names or pet names include, Velu, Venu, Balan, Murali, Dorai, Sami, Swamy, Kunju, Chella, Kanna and Rama.

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