Modern Tamil Baby Names

Indian culture has its bondings with the roots. Our scriptures and relics often state mythological stories that are related to virtue. Indians are extremely god fearing and religious. The proof of this is seen in most Indians naming their children after the names of their favourites Gods and Goddess. Many families also vow to name the child after a deity especially if it is a first born or a child is blessed to the couple after many years.

Though it is perfectly apt to name the child as per the tradition, metro life necessitates trendy factors. Without compromising on the original meaning the names offer great choices yet retain their meaning. There are 108 names of Lord Ganesha. The variants are Vikata, Kapila, Kshipra, Vinayak, Ekakshara and Supakarna. Goddess Laxmi names are Amrita, Sahana, Anagha,Nitya, pushti, Shuchi, Swaha, and Vikruti.

Achyuta and Achala stand for Vishnu names. Anaya, Adidev, Punyah, Ravilochan, Ajaya and Sakshi also relate to Vishnu God. It is also common to find cosmo Tamil families having names that are typically North Indian like Vikas, Raj, Mann, Suhas or Anil. Short names are getting trendier with Venkatesh becoming Venky, Parthasarthy as Partha, Rajalaxmi as Lucky, Vishwanath as Vishy and Sulakshana as Laksh.

Yash, Laksh, Pulkit, Shlok, Purab, Desh, Vineet, Pranit, Sahas, Shweth, Samarpan are also common names. Names ending with ‘ka’ for girls are like Nishika, Akanksha, Nitishka, Amanika, Ratika, Latika and Anishka are trendier. It is quite common that these days one cannot make out the language spoken at home by the individual.

There is Shrutant, Dev, Raj, Mann and Bhakti in the Tamil household. Names render personality. It is very vital that a person has a name that is easily pronounced, spelt and wholly called out. Short forms though trendy do not sound meaningful. The first names in many Tamilian families seem like Ruchika, Aarti, Avni and also Raksha.

Sach, Saachi, Khush and Suvani are other names. Many people also prefer names like Renee or Vanee that seem like French origin. These are very much private and personal choices, though it should be preferred that each name has a distinct meaning.

There are beautiful Bengali names like Noyonika, Bipasha or Manjolika also named by few Tamilians to their offspring’s. To preserve tradition the name of the grandparent or deity can definitely be mentioned, though the trend is deviating towards a wholly Indian rather than a state bifurcation.

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