Meaningful Tamil Baby Names

The Andinaar or the first birthday in Tamil households is a big event. It involves a puja for long life of the baby and also involves garlanding at adorning the child. The child is usually adorned with flowers, garland, gold jewelry, anklets and kajal lining the eyes. The bindi and sandalwood paste is also a tradition.

The baby girl is made to wear the south Indian gagra choli i.e. the pattu pavadai which is a take off from the kanjivaram colours and patterns. The boys wear the soman-dhoti and a jubba-shirt kurta in silk or muslin. The name of the child is often taken during recitation of shlokas as the parents beam with joy and seek blessings of all the relatives.

Ramkrishnan gets to be Ramki, Kamakshi as Kamaki, Vanaja as Vani and Saraswathy as Saras in case of short forms. There are baby names like Chezian and Chidambaram for boys. Aishwarya means prosperity, Saumya is for mildness, Shuba is auspicious, Amrita is the name of Lakshmi. Sahana and Shriya also are names of Goddess Laxmi. Vinayak or Ganesh is common naming especially if the parents are keen on naming the child as per their favourite God.

Adaleru is brave, Anbu means love, Ahilan in knowledgable, Amudan is sweet. Alagendhi is handsome, Alairasan is the king of waves and Aran is righteous. Oviyan is an artist, Oppilan is a gem and Dayalan means kind. Kabilan is a saint, Kamban is a poet, Kadhir is brilliant and Kavin is beauty. Elango is prince, Erisudar means witty, Lingesan is Lord Shiva. These are typical tamil baby boy names and their meanings.

Baby girl names are deep in their meanings. Balamani is tender, chelvi is a girl, chellam is precious, Chemmoli is pure, Harini is Goddess Laxmi, Aavani is a month, Amaidhi is peace and Ambini is sweet. Tarani is earth, Thangam is gold, Arasi means queen. Guna means good character, Nallini means good, Nithila is pearl and Nila is the moon.

Aaranam is an ornament, Cholai is garden, Elil means beauty, Isai means music, Ilavarasi means Parvathi, Kalai means art, Kayali means eyes, Loganayaki is Parvathi, Maina is a bird, Mekala is an art, Nangai is ladylike, Pirai means crescent, Sudar is brilliant,. Modern names have a cosmo look like Aaditya, Aryan, Ashlesha, Nirupama or a Shakti.

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